MAJOR | Former Referee confirms the rumors regarding Blake Wheeler and Mark Scheifele

Published April 29, 2023 at 1:17 PM
The Jets' season came to an end after the Golden Knights had the better of them in the playoffs' first round. Since then, multiple shots have been fired left and right from the coaching staff to the players and back.

There have been lots of talks around Rick Bowness' ability to get his message through which raised the question of whether or not he should be back as the team's coach next season. Let it be remembered, that not even a year ago, Paul Maurice was let go for those same exact reasons.

There are a lot of things, that we, as fans, can't see. Though it's very well known that referees have a much different view of the game since they're literally on the ice with the players. Tim Peel, a recently retired referee, confirmed the rumors that have been going around the league for quite a while now:

''He should be. It's Wheeler and Sheifle that are the problem!''

When Patrik Laine asked for a trade out of Winnipeg, there were tons of rumbling around Sheifele and Wheeler's leadership abilities. The way this team's been acting lately is only proof and now that someone who's seen it firsthand has confirmed the rumor, it only raises one question: Are the Jets at a point where they need to do a full tear-down of their roster? Starting with Wheeler and Scheifele?
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