LATEST | Bo Horvat reveals his biggest regret after his time with the Canucks

Published September 12, 2023 at 5:52 PM

Bo Horvat's contract was the subject that drove just about every conversation entering the 2022-2023 season. The talks generated lots of spirited arguments, drove the fans and the media up the wall and eventually led to the Nucks' captain of the last few years being traded to Long Island.

Now that the Canucks have turned the page on this part of their history, they've named Quinn Hughes as the team's leader, and they asked the former captain to comment on it. Horvat was most definitely happy to see Hughes as his successor:

‘'There are so many great guys on that team; it didn't matter who they gave it to. But, I mean, if it were going to be a guy I would pick, it would be Hughsie. I think they made the right choice there.''

The conversation with Sportsnet's Iain MacIntyre didn't stop there. After leaving Vancouver, Horvat eventually opened up to what he felt was his biggest regret. Still, he also gave an extremely promising statement on what he projected for Hughes and the Canucks:

‘'One of my biggest regrets in leaving Vancouver is not being able to win for them. I wanted to win, wanted to bring a Stanley Cup to Vancouver. And I couldn't get it done. That's probably my biggest non-accomplishment as a captain. But I think Quinn's got all the qualities to help turn that team around. If one guy will lead the way on that team, it's Quinn Hughes.''

Hughes became the Canucks' 15th captain and only 3rd Defenseman. He came into the NHL with the Canucks as a 19-year-old, and everybody agrees on one thing, not only has he progressed as a player, but he's matured into the insightful young man he is.

Now that everyone has identified Hughes as the logical choice to lead the Canucks into the next chapter of their retooling, only time will tell whether or not he was the right one.
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LATEST | Bo Horvat reveals his biggest regret after his time with the Canucks

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