LATEST | Concerning news regarding Ilya Mikheyev's health

Published August 12, 2023 at 7:34 PM

One of Patrik Allvin's first addition to the team was the signing of the speedy winger Ilya Mikheyev. The Canucks inked their number 65 to a 4-year-deal carrying a $4.75M cap hit.

Matched up to Andrei Kuzmenko and Elias Pettersson, the Russian was a force to be reckoned with. Up until he was shut down for the season with over 30 games on the calendar. Mikheyev suffered a knee injury that kept him off the ice and new information now suggests that even though he's fully recovered, he isn't out of the woods just yet:

‘'But according to a study written by orthopaedic surgeon Timothy Hewett and
Christian Nagelli in 2017, "A young athlete (under the age of 20) who returns to sport within one vear is 15 times more kely to suffer a second ACLiniury than a healthy athlete with no medical history of a knee injury". Another study, conducted in 2005 at the University of Sydney, suggested that athletes of all ages were six times more likely to sufter a reoccurrence. ‘'

Let it be reminded that Ilya Mikheyev already has history with injuries. Throughout the 4 years he spent in the NHL, never has Mikheyev played a full (or near full) 82 games.

The forward has recovered and is expected to be at a 100% once training camp starts. The question that remains is whether or not he'll manage to stay healthy for a full season.
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LATEST | Concerning news regarding Ilya Mikheyev's health

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