LATEST | Pettersson's hold on contract negotiations: Gives his take on the City's fans and media

Published August 28, 2023 at 4:31 PM

Elias Pettersson took everyone by surprise when he admitted that he'd be holding back on the contract talks. In an interview with the renowned Eliotte Friedman, the Swede star stated that he was not planning on entertaining any talks during the season.

‘'I've wanted to just focus on the season and focus on this summer, to have a good summer of training. So the contract talks I've been wanting to put a hold on for now.»q>

After putting up a monstrous season in which he collected an outstanding 102 points, Pettey reiterated once more that he wanted most to play meaningful games and win.

Pettersson tried to explain his decision to the best of his abilities, and it shows some promise. On occasion, some people get tired of the market's intensity and want out, and this doesn't seem to be the case. The centerman loves the city and everything that comes with it, he only wishes to deliver the performances it deserves:

‘'Of course it's a passionate fan base, they bleed hockey out. Passionate media too. They try to find everything out. But I like it that way. I like the overall hockey interest. Obviously, they want the answers, but the answer is that I'm preparing to be in the best shape I can for the season and I'm excited.»

After putting up over 100 points, 40 goals, along with consideration for the Frank J Selke Trophy as the best two-way forward. Pettersson is about to get paid, One of of the top forwards on the market Auston Matthews just signed his new deal at four years and a $13.25M cap hit, and it shouldn't be too far off of Pettersson's.

The Canucks' number 40 has admitted to being in the best shape of his life and after coming off a career season his confidence will be at its peak. Now, can he repeat, can he score over 40, can he collect over 102 points?

SOURCE: The Athletic
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LATEST | Pettersson's hold on contract negotiations: Gives his take on the City's fans and media

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