LATEST | Recent statement from Rick Tocchet holds promise: Truly shows the type of leader he is

Published September 2, 2023 at 12:58

The Canucks' management group opted to make a coaching change mid season last year when they chose Rick Tocchet over Bruce Boudreau. The main reason was to have a better defensive structure and hold the players accountable for their actions.

Tocchet was always perceived as a person with lots of leadership and the statement he delivered to Sportsnet showed how he intended on leading that team. Tocchet was asked if it was time for these players to take this group to the next level:

‘'They're very talented players. They've had success individually and point-wise. But they know it's not so much the individual stuff as team goals. Are they willing to sacrifice certain parts of their game for the team? That's something I really believe they have in them.

Everybody is tired of losing. You hear everybody say that. That's OK to say that, but what are you doing to change that narrative? These are things I challenge the players on. You're tired of losing, but what are you doing about it? When I talk to the leadership group, they're not talking about goals and assists. They're talking about changing the narrative. Now it's the actions. What are you doing to change the narrative?''

It's going to be a make or break season for the Canucks. Entering the second year of a ‘major surgery', results are expected from the team. Last year, Bo Horvat was traded to the Islanders leaving a void for a new group to fill. The question that needs answers now is: Can this group take the team to the next level?

SOURCE: Sportsnet
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LATEST | Recent statement from Rick Tocchet holds promise: Truly shows the type of leader he is

Are the Canucks taking the next step this year?

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