Tyler Myers finally speaks about the trade rumours he was involved in

Published September 24, 2023 at 6:36 PM

One of them who's generated the most trade talks over the last summer has definitely been Tyler Myers. The tall Defenseman has been performing way under the expectations set by his contract and the Canucks are in a spot where they could've used the money they're currently spending on him.


Myers was on Donnie and Dhali earlier and was given the opportunity to speak on the rumours and speculations. There was a strong rumour that was confirmed by many NHL insiders that confirmed that Myers was going to the Sharks, but the deal never materializing. During the interview, Myers revealed that he didn't even listen to the media and didn't care about what was going. The Defenseman is solely focused on performing to the best of his ability. He reiterated that he liked the city of Vancouver, that he liked playing for the Canucks and added:

"I don't even know what's been said to be honest.."


The speculations are without a doubt affecting his mind and focus on the game. However, Myers seems to be focused on proving that he still belongs in the NHL and that he can add value to a team.

The Canucks are rolling the dice on this one, hoping that the new staff in place (Sergei Gonchar, Adam Foote and Rick Tocchet) can work with him and have him deliver the best Hockey he can.
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