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MAJOR | Verdict is in for Elias Pettersson: Canucks have made a massive contract extension offer

Published February 22, 2024 at 4:01 PM

The biggest headline highlighting the Canucks' season has been the none closure of the Elias Pettersson extension. While it seems to be a non-issue for the man himself, where starting to get a sense of urgency from the Canucks.

While the various updates from all around the NHL have repeatedly stated that Pettersson and his camp were pushing back on all sorts of contract talks, a source just confirmed that the Canucks had indeed deposited an offer to the Swede.


David Pagnotta from the Fourth Period revealed in his most recent article that the Canucks had offered their superstar an 8-year deal worth $96M ($12M AAV). A contract of this sort would make him.

According to a well-placed source tied to the club, the Canucks tabled Pettersson a long-term deal, believed to be eight years, worth $12 million per season at the beginning of the 2023-24 campaign.

It seems that Pettersson still shows uncertainty regarding this future. However, he has yet to give a formal answer; it isn't a no, but it isn't a yes.

That offer has not been rejected; it's there for the taking. Pettersson wants to take his time, see how the season plays out and revisit his future in the summer.

It's been made pretty clear that for Pettersson, the money was never the problem. The Swede is currently locked into his objective of bringing the Canucks to the Stanley Cup Finals.

Whichever way this storyline goes, it's either going to be the Canucks' most significant contract in history. Or it could be the Franchise's most considerable trade; only the future will tell.

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MAJOR | Verdict is in for Elias Pettersson: Canucks have made a massive contract extension offer

Is $96M over 8 years a good deal for Pettey?

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