Tucker Poolman and the Canucks: Patrik Allvin about to capitalize on his value?

Felip Gosselin
July 7, 2024  (8:55 PM)

Tucker Poolman
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Given that Patrik Allvin doesn't make any other moves, the Canucks will, for the first time in quite a while, head into the season below the NHL's salary cap. The possibility of moving Tucker Poolman has emerged, and Allvin could capitalize on his value.

Trading away Tucker Poolman and his LTIR (Long-Term Injured Reserve) contract could provide significant benefits for the Vancouver Canucks, both in terms of roster flexibility and salary cap management. As the Canucks look to build a more competitive team, moving Poolman's contract could be a strategic move to create more opportunities for improvement.
Firstly, trading Poolman would open up an additional roster spot. With Poolman on LTIR, the Canucks are limited in their ability to make roster adjustments and bring in new talent. By offloading his contract, the team can free up a spot for a younger player or a new acquisition, allowing them to manage their roster better and ensure that the most capable and healthy players are on the ice. This flexibility is crucial as the team looks to integrate emerging talent and make strategic additions to the lineup.
Secondly, the impact on the salary cap is a significant consideration. While players on LTIR do provide some cap relief, trading Poolman's contract would offer more substantial benefits. The LTIR provides temporary cap relief but can complicate the team's ability to maneuver within the salary cap. Trading the contract outright would remove the cap hit entirely, giving the Canucks more room to operate. This additional cap space could be used to sign free agents, extend contracts of key players, or make trades that bring in higher-quality talent. Effective cap management is essential in the modern NHL, where teams must balance financial constraints with the need to remain competitive.
In looking to trade Tucker Poolman's LTIR contract, Canucks GM Patrik Allvin could target several teams that might benefit from such a move. Teams facing salary cap constraints but seeking cap relief could be ideal trade partners. Contenders looking for cap space flexibility, like the Tampa Bay Lightning, the Vegas Golden Knights, or even the Washington Capitals, who are currently millions over the cap, might consider taking on Poolman's contract if it allows them to bolster their roster for a deep playoff run. Allvin could leverage these scenarios to negotiate favourable terms, such as draft picks or prospects, making the trade mutually beneficial and aiding Vancouver's long-term strategy.
Source: Canucks Army
Is it worth the Canucks' while to trade Tucker Poolman's contract this summer?
Tucker Poolman and the Canucks: Patrik Allvin about to capitalize on his value?

Should Allvin keep Tucker Poolman and take advantage of his LTIR cap hit, or trade him and capitalize on the advantage it represents?

Trade Him while you can2982.9 %
Keep Him617.1 %
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