BREAKING | Seravalli reveals the Blues have traded their top winger

Published February 9, 2023 at 10:39

Not very often can you pick up a 40-goal scorer for the playoffs but by the 2023 NHL trade deadline you definitely could.

The St Louis Blues and forward Vladimir Tarasenko's love-hate relationship looks to be to an end. The 31-year-old former 40 goal scorer is a pending UFA and has informed the Blues he's willing to waive his no trade-clause but only for three teams revealed by the Fourth Period's David Pagnotta:

According to David Pagnotta of The Fourth Period, Tarasenko has already waived his no-movement clause. In addition to his belief that Tarasenko intends to hit the free agent market this summer, Pagnotta writes: "During the off-season, he was willing to waive his NTC to the New York Rangers, New York Islanders or New Jersey Devils – if there were other teams in play, I wasn't aware of it."

It seems that Tarasenko wants to play in the New York area or nowhere else if I was a betting man I would say Tarasenko will end up a New York Ranger by the end of the NHL trade deadline but that's just my personal opinion.

Frank Seravalli dropped a major news on the matter when he revealed that according to his sources, he was traded to the New York Rangers:

Adding a former cup winner of Tarasenko's stature to your line-up certainly goes a long way into making your team a contender.

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BREAKING | Seravalli reveals the Blues have traded their top winger

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