Beauvillier is taking shots at Lou Lamoriello and the Islanders after being traded

Published February 1, 2023 at 3:37 PM

The Canucks traded their captain Bo Horvat to the Islanders and in return, they were able to snatch Anthony Beauvilier, a good left winger that has not yet reached the full extent of his potential.

Beauvilier has been a member of the Canucks for less than 48 hours and he's already taking shots at his former organization. To put things in perspective, Lou Lamoriello, the Isles' GM. Is a really old-fashioned guy. He has strict rules about how the players on his team must behave and some of these rules are flat-out crazy.

Beauvilier did not hesitate one second that most of these rules wouldn't make the trip to Vancouver with him.

"I haven't spoken with the Canucks equipment manager yet but yes, if number 72 is available I will take it back. Also, I will stop shaving every four days!"

The comment about the number is a direct shot to Lou Lamoriello's management habit of players not being allowed to wear high numbers because he does not like them. Beauvilier added that he wouldn't shave every four days, since Lamoriello also requires his player not to wear facial hair.

Anthony Beauvilier will surely come to Vancouver with fewer restrictions and a top6 role, could he finally grow into the offensive role he was destined for when he was drafted? Back in juniors, Beauvilier scored 42 goals in 67 games as a 17-year-old and 40 in 47 as an 18-year-old. Do you think he could get that scoring touch back?
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Beauvillier is taking shots at Lou Lamoriello and the Islanders after being traded

Can Beauvillier develop into a top-6 forward in Vancouver?

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No28630.6 %
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