Daily Notes for Tonight's Game

Published November 26, 2022 at 6:45 PM

Taking a look at these stats, it seems to be an even matchup. Both teams' last 10 games are quite similar, the Golden Knights (16-5-1) are sitting on top of the Western Conference as we speak, while the Canucks (7-10-3) are making their way back up after a tough season start, sitting at 13.

Canucksarmydotcom has shared a few comparisons for the night's game. As stated in the Game's Preview, notable players to watch on each side are certainly Jack Eichel and Alex Pietrangelo who've been red hot since the season started.

On Vancouver's side, many players have been good in the last few games, but after 20, the consistency in Elias Pettersson and Bo Horvat's game is standing out. Quinn Hughes has been delivering like his normal self, even though he missed a few games with an injury.

Special unit wise, the Canucks stand with the worst PK average in the NHL with a 34.3% goal against percentage. The PP's been just as productive as the team's offense, since the season started they've scored on 27.1% of their opportunities which is good for 5th in the league. (Note that the PP has produced at a 34% rate in their last 14 games, good for no.2 in that span). They went 0/6 in their last 2 games, here's the last goal they scored on the man advantage against the Kings.

Vegas on the other hand have been average on both units. Their PK's been preventing at a rate just under 77%, which places them 22nd in the league. On the man advantage, the Knights haven't found their recipe since we've seen lots of player movement. They've scored on a steady 22.2% at the 15th rank.

Fair to say, that if one team fails to stay disciplined it may change the pace of the game.
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Daily Notes for Tonight's Game

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