Elias Pettersson Speaks Honestly How He Feels In Vancouver

Published February 11, 2023 at 8:43 PM

The Vancouver Canucks are in a tough place right now. When the season began many believed the Vancouver Canucks under a full season of Bruce Boudreau would be a playoff team this year.

Unfortunately, the Canucks are nowhere near a playoff team, but that wasn't because of Boudreau who's no longer with the team after being fired and replaced by Rick Tocchet.

The Canucks have also moved their captain Bo Horvat just before the NHL All-Star weekend, and with the trade deadline coming up in a couple of weeks many are wondering what other Canucks could be on their way out?

There's been rumors of Brock Boeser being moved along with Luke Schenn, and even some that felt JT Miller could be gone if the Canucks could find someone to take his contract. One Canucks who appears to want to stay in Vancouver is Elias Pettersson.

The Canucks star represented the Canucks at the All-Star game and had an interview with Sportsnet where he admitted:

"He's truly happy in Vancouver loving the fans and the city".

Pettersson is believed to take over as the Canucks new captain next season, I believe he's the right choice for the job he's a much better candidate than JT Miller who takes more tantrums than a 4-year-old, Pettersson would be the right decision for sure.
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Elias Pettersson Speaks Honestly How He Feels In Vancouver

Elias Pettersson As New Canucks Captain?

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