*GOALIE COMPARISON* Guarding the blue paint on Thanksgiving

Published November 27, 2022 at 3:26 PM

Demko should stand in Vancouver's crease in tonight's matchup in San Jose.

Demko hasn't been his usual self and hasn't been up to the millions he's being paid since the season started. He will have an opportunity to step it up with a team that's been on fire lately.

Demko led the team to victories twice in 13 occasions, he's shown below average stats with a save percentage of 0.883 and and goal against average of 3.87. If he fails to find his game, we might witness more Spencer Martin action, as he's been the team go-to guy for the latest matchups against top teams in the WC.

Showing the way on the other end of the ice will be finnish netminder Kaapo Kahkonen. It's been tough for San Jose since the season started and it's no different for their goalkeepers. He led the team to 2 wins on 8 starts and showed similar stats to Demko with a 0.887 save percentage and a 3.80 goal against average.

The way it's shaping up, the Canucks have ligthing it up lately in the o-zone. We may assist a high scoring game.
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*GOALIE COMPARISON* Guarding the blue paint on Thanksgiving

Will Demko be good enough for the Canucks to carry a 3rd win in a row?

Go Canucks Go8578.7 %
Demko canít keep up2321.3 %
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