LATEST | Analyst lists the top potential buyouts: Three Canucks have made their way on the list

Felip Gosselin
June 6, 2023  (7:39 PM)

Patrik Allvin said it wasn't part of their plan to use buyouts to escape their cap misery. It appears that the team's ownership isn't keen on spending money on players that aren't playing for them, but it seems all right when it concerns coaches.

The Athletics analysts Thomas Drance and Harman Dayal drew a list of 13 candidates for buyouts spread out over 10 teams. The Canucks had three names of their own, and if Allvin can't figure out a way, this may be his last resort solution to put some order on his payroll.
1. Oliver Ekman-Larsson
The most expensive of them all, which would have repercussions on the Canucks' cap for the next 8 years. OEL has been one of if not the least, cost-effective team contracts. His $7.26M AAV hurts the team badly, and the roster spot he takes hurts it even more.
2. Brock Boeser
Probably the least probable one, Boeser has the best odds of turning it around, especially since he's already shown improvements in the season's last miles. At only 25, he fits right into the team's core. If they chose to buy out Boeser, he'd remain on the team's cap for the next 4 years. However, it would be stupid to buy him out since they could probably trade him with a 30% salary retention which would be a much better move money-wise for the Canucks.
3. Conor Garland
The most feasible one, Garland, has the lesser cap hit, even though a buyout would have him in the Canucks' book for the next 6 years. Garland is much less productive than Boeser and has failed to prove that he's worth his $4.9M cap hit. If the Canucks had their back against the wall, he'd be the one to pay the price.
The Canucks have time to make a move, still, the draft is weeks away, and depending on how things go down on the draft floor, perhaps a trade could fix some of their issues. For the time being, say the Canucks do decide to go down the buyout road, who should it be?
SOURCE: The Athletic
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LATEST | Analyst lists the top potential buyouts: Three Canucks have made their way on the list

Who should be bought out by the Canucks?

Brock Boeser103.8 %
Conor Garland217.9 %
Oliver Ekman-Larsson23488.3 %
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