LATEST | Analyst reveals his top three landing spots for Thatcher Demko

Published February 4, 2023 at 2:21 PM

There's been lots of chatter around the Canucks' franchise goaltender Thatcher Demko since it was reported that he may not be happy within the team's environment.

The Canucks could be tempted to move on from him since he'd be an extremely valuable asset. He's proven he can take his game to the next level with the performance he displayed in the ''bubble playoffs'' and his AAV is extremely team-friendly at a $5M AAV for the next 3 seasons.

Demko is 27 years of age and it would make a lot of sense if he were to ask for a trade to a team that could offer him a chance to win in his prime years. Canucks on their end are currently on the verge of a ''retool'', but they definitely wouldn't be aiming to be competitive during Demko's best years.

Elliotte Friedman revealed his top three landing spots for the netminder while he was on The Jeff Marek Show. He stated that if Demko returns to the ice before the deadline, he sees the Buffalo Sabres, the Pittsburgh Penguins, and the Los Angeles Kings as the place where it makes the most sense.

The Pens would definitely benefit, Tristan Jarry has been having issues staying healthy. With their aging core, if the Pens want to have a run at it, it's now or never.

The Sabres and the Kings are both in the same boat. Young and upcoming core, mixed with a few veterans but both need a replacement for their aging goaltender. Craig Anderson has done great things for the Sabres and so has Jonathan Quick, but if these two clubs aim to be competitive, they should definitely find themselves a new netminder.

The Canucks still need a young centerman to fill the void that Horvat's departure left, Raty should end up being a decent player, but J.T. Miller is much better when he plays on the wing. Could a Demko trade potentially fill this need?

SOURCE: The Jeff Marek Show
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LATEST | Analyst reveals his top three landing spots for Thatcher Demko

Who has the most chance of landing Demko?

Buffalo1241.4 %
Los Angeles1241.4 %
Pittsburgh517.2 %
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