LATEST | Former Flames' centerman may be Allvin's best alternative for the third line

Published April 23, 2023 at 6:52 PM

Allvin listed that finding a third-line centerman would be topping his list ahead of the 2023-2024 season. However, with literally no place under the cap, it'll be an extremely hard task to find someone who makes this team a playoff contender.

The Montreal Canadiens acquired Sean Monahan along with a 1st Round Selection when the Flames tried to move out his contract. The veteran found his groove back with the Canadiens but suffered an ankle injury 25 games into the season that kept him sidelined until the end of the season.

His contract will be coming to an end on July 1st and it's still unclear whether or not the Canadiens will be re-signing him. Monahan had been regressing in Calgary since Darryl Sutter had become the bench boss and the fact that he failed to remain healthy will surely affect his value on the market. He had previously been earning a $6M AAV, but he may be looking for a short-term deal to build himself back up and it might just be the smartest for the Canucks.

A seasoned veteran, who's great on in the face-off circles, a proven two-way player who has not yet turned 29 years old. He stands a 6'01'', weighs just over 200 pounds, and scored over 25 goals in 5 straight seasons during his time with the Flames.

He was expected to be one of the best centermen on the trade block before his injury, could he fit the void the Nucks have down the middle until they develop someone in-house? Whether it'd be Klimovich or Raty? Should Allvin try and lock Monahan for one or perhaps two years?
April 23   |   222 answers
LATEST | Former Flames' centerman may be Allvin's best alternative for the third line

Would you want Allvin to chase after Sean Monahan for a one or even two-year deal?

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