LATEST | NHL nominated for a major award and you're not going to believe why

Published April 12, 2023 at 12:13

Fans around the National Hockey League have been voicing their displeasure all season long when it comes to the digital board ads. Some say it is distracting while trying to watch the game and sometimes, as you can see in the photo above, glitches occur that make it nearly impossible to watch a game.

Back in December, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman was asked about the fans' hate about the digital board ads and he said it was a 'non-issue'.

"The polling we do with our fans gives us the feedback that it's a non-issue. Many think it looks better than having the numerous logos on the dasher boards. It's working extraordinarily well," Bettman said.

"If what you're doing is just watching the dashboards — which I guess if you're reporting on it, you might do — then it may be a distraction. If you're watching the game, it's not a distraction."

Despite the backlash, the National Hockey League has been nominated for a prestigious award when it comes to virtual board advertisements.

The George Wensel Technical Achievement Award is handed out annually at the Sports Emmy Awards to recognize a sports league or broadcasting partner for their contribution to the technical side of the game. This year, the NHL's 'Digitally Enhanced Dasher Boards', as seen on ESPN, ABC, TNT, tbs, and the NHL Network, are one of the five nominees.

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LATEST | NHL nominated for a major award and you're not going to believe why

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