LATEST | Nick Kypreos lists the two front runners in the Horvat derby

Published January 26, 2023 at 1:14 PM

The Canucks' most recent announcement concerning Andrei Kuzmenko's extension are great news for the winger. Though, they're also the confirmation that the Canucks will have to find a new captain.

Nick Kypreos revealed crucial information on the matter when he shared information on who he thought were the front-runners in this derby.

"Hearing that the Stars and Devils are among teams that may be most aggressive for Canucks captain Bo Horvat. Both organizations want an extended playoff run and seem willing to pay for it."

The Devils and the Stars are both having a great season and from the information that's out there, they're both looking to add depth offensively.

Bo Horvat being the commodity that he is, will definitely fetch a hefty return for the Canucks. Rutherford said that they were aiming for a young centerman and a young right handed d-man, both of these clubs definitely have what it takes to get it done.

The Devils are filled with prospects that are either in, or close to the NHL. The most recent 2nd overall pick, Simon Nemec, a right-handed d-man, Dawson Mercer, Alexander Holtz, Graeme Clarke, Shakir Mukhamadullin, Seamus Casey or perhaps Quinn's younger brother Luke Hughes?

The Stars also have lots of players that intrigue the Canucks. The most recent gold-medallist at the World Juniors, Logan Stankoven, Wyatt Johnson who's in his first NHL season, Mavrik Bourque, perhaps they could look to flip Nils Lundkvist or even Christian Kyrou who's tearing up the OHL right now?

At this point, if the Canucks want to properly retool, both these teams have the assets to help them get it done. It's saddening to see Horvat go, but it probably sets the beginning of a new era in Vancouver. Are there some assets you'd like to see in Vancouver?

SOURCE: Toronto Star
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LATEST | Nick Kypreos lists the two front runners in the Horvat derby

Who has the best package to offer the Canucks?

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