MAJOR | Ethan Bear gives a major update on his future in Vancouver

Published April 15, 2023 at 7:07 PM

The Canucks acquired Ethan Bear from the Hurricanes earlier in the season and he turned out to be a real gem, especially since he only cost the Canucks a 5th Round Pick.

The 25-year-old d-man's play has been great, but his contract is coming to an end on July 1st, he'll then be a restricted free agent.

It was reported that the extension talks had slowed down after the All-Star weekend, but it picked right back up not too long ago. The defenseman shared new information on the subject today and it holds great news for the organization and its fans.

‘'Vancouver wanted to talk to me about a contract since November, but I thought let's put that off for the year and focus on, you know hockey. ..., EVeryone was like worried that I didn't have a contract, well everyone can take a deep breath,... I'm not going anywhere, this stuff will sort it-self out‘'

Bear even added that the Canucks were beginning to show a resemblance to the way the Carolina Hurricanes work, which definitely gives great promise moving forward. He noted a major difference when he got traded, but the coaching fixed a lot of obvious changes within the team's structure.

This surely represents good news regarding Bear's future, especially since there had been lots of concern over his contractual situation. To see the man himself show this much confidence regarding his future after Jim Rutherford had put out a letter stating that Bear would be a part of the team's future.

Bear has grown into a fan-favorite in Vancouver, with the way he spoke during this interview, are we relieved that he also plans to be in this organization for a longer time?
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MAJOR | Ethan Bear gives a major update on his future in Vancouver

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