MAJOR | Vegas Golden Knights suspected of cheating

Published April 10, 2023 at 8:37 PM

Gary Bettman and the NHL issued a memo to all 32 teams in the NHL regarding the way they would be using their LTIR cap relief. The objective behind that was to eliminate the teams that wanted to have players on the LTIR and activate them only once the playoff kicked in.

Today, for the first time in 3 months, the Golden Knights' captain, Mark Stone, practiced with his teammates. The timing of the events surely is weird since Stone has been on the LTIR ever since and the Knights even took advantage of that $9.5M cap hit relief and have every cent available. Now, the way it looks, Stone could be set to make it back as soon as playoffs start, it's actually the renowned insider Frank Seravalli that brought up the issue:

''I don't think anyone questions the severity of Mark Stone's back injury. But I think many opponents will question the timing of his return after the Golden Knights spent $7.25 million of Stone's cap hit on LTIR.''

The LTIR usage had been heavily talked about ever since the Lightning used it to their advantage in a major way. Now the technique is well-known across the league and by the statements divulged by the league, it's fair to think that they are considering adopting a change to limit it.

Question is, what can they really do about the ongoing situation with the Knights and the fact that they're about to pull the exact move Bettman wanted to avoid in the first place?
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MAJOR | Vegas Golden Knights suspected of cheating

What can the NHL do about this?

Nothing2723.7 %
Suspend the player1311.4 %
Force them to comply to the cap3934.2 %
They have to change the rule3530.7 %
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