REPORT | Insiders list JT Miller as a potential trade target from serious contenders and what the Canucks are after in a Miller trade

Published February 8, 2023 at 8:09 PM

The Vancouver Canucks aren't getting the results they were hoping heading into this season, especially after they'd inked their star forward J.T. Miller to a massive $56M deal.

The way the season has gone down, Canucks have now announced that they were heading a different route and the first move toward that direction had to be dealing team's captain to the Islanders. Moving forward, Miller's age and his contract will most likely not fit in too well with the club's new direction. Though in the salary cap era, an $8M AAV through seven-years is definitely a hard thing to move.

Some reports have indicated that there was some discord between Miller and the team's next captain Elias Pettersson, even though the air has been cleared, there is a belief that the Canucks had already looked into the possibility of trading their ''hot-tempered'' winger.

Elliotte Friedman stated something truly interesting today when he revealed that the Carolina Hurricanes were interested in acquiring Miller. The Hurricanes are a top-end team, considered contenders even though they've recently lost a top left-winger in Max Pacioretty, freeing up a place on the top-six and a lot of money on the cap. Friedman doesn't see it happening, but he's been wrong on many occasions before.

Interestingly enough, Satiar Shah had also been talking on the subject, stating that the Canucks could be on the lookout to move J.T. Miller. Even though he hasn't been having a season up to the 99 points standard he set for himself last year, teams are still intrigued by the feisty winger. Even though the Canucks would more likely be looking to dump their latest signature, they aren't ready to give Miller up.

''Sat has been hinting that it would take a prospect or young player and 1st round pick for Canucks to consider it. Other teams probably laugh and hang up. He mentioned they aren't just going to dump him for nothing.''

Hurricanes are going to be buyers coming onto the deadline, they don't like trading for rentals. They have the means to pay whatever price the Canucks set on Miller and they have the cap space to get it done, should the Canucks try and move him?
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REPORT | Insiders list JT Miller as a potential trade target from serious contenders and what the Canucks are after in a Miller trade

At what return would accept to let him go?

BlueChip Prospect + 1st Round Pick53158.5 %
Prospect9510.5 %
First Round Pick24426.9 %
Do not trade him374.1 %
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