The reason why Canucks signed Miller over Horvat is now out there

Felip Gosselin
January 17, 2023  (2:50 PM)

September 2nd, was the day the Vancouver Canucks inked their star forward J.T. Miller to an enormous $56M deal. Miller had registered his best season yet and the man got paid for it. Along the way, the Canucks left the player who'd been the team's captain for the last 4 years hanging.

The Jeff Marek Show, featuring Elliotte Friedman and Jeff Marek himself, revealed quite the information today when they chatted on the subject. Both agree, even though Rutherford has stated they've put their best offer on the table, that the Canucks will take another run at signing the team's leading goalscorer.
Friedman had reported before that he was confident the Canucks would sign Bo Horvat during the summer and here's the statement he made on the subject:
''I think they wanted to keep Horvat first, that was their choice, but you know. From what Rutherford has said, they made an offer base on what they thought the market was for Horvat before this year. That offer was on the low side.''

Horvat, being the professional he is, politely declined and stated that he'd preferred to take the bet himself. This turned out to be an extremely bad bet on the Canucks' end since Horvat is on pace for over 55 goals. The Canucks weren't willing to step into this season with two of their top players un-signed and then pivoted to Miller. Canucks put a priority on players other than their captains and it's about to cost them a great deal.
They ended up signing Miller over Horvat because they tried to lowball him and when he said no, turned around and signed the left-over. Now obviously, Horvat is disappointed with the way things turned out, but it seems that there is too big of a margin between the two clans now that Horvat has shown the full extent of his scoring abilities.
Did the Canucks mishandle this case? Were they too impatient to sign a forward and committed to too much money on the wrong guy or did they make the right move?

SOURCE: The Jeff Marek Show
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The reason why Canucks signed Miller over Horvat is now out there

Did the Canucks make a mistake by signing Miller over Horvat?

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