*UPDATE* On the fight that occured in Winnipeg

Published December 1, 2022 at 3:41 PM

A follow up on the recent article about the fight that occured between fans at the Avalanche and Jets game.

The two intoxicated fans were arrested following Tuesday's incident in Winnipeg, they were charged with 4 different assaulting counts.

From Winnipeg Police:

"Special Duty officers attended the stands, where they located an uncooperative adult female and an adult male detained by True North security staff personnel. Officers placed the suspects under arrest and escorted them from the stands. While in custody, the uncooperative female spat at one of the arresting officers requiring the application of a spit mask to prevent further assault."

The injured fan is a 54 year-old that attempted to assist the police in their intervention, but ended up being assaulted himself. As a result, he ended up losing balance and fell down the stairs hitting his head againt the board. The victim was transported to the hospital to treat his injury.
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*UPDATE* On the fight that occured in Winnipeg

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