WATCH | Connor Bedard accused of racism after he dodged kid's hands

Published March 6, 2023 at 10:55

Connor Bedard has a bright future ahead of him being projected as the first overall pick in the 2023 NHL Draft. However, Bedard's reputation has taken a hit after a incident this weekend.

Bedard was set to play against the Moose Jaw Warriors and a group of young native children were trying to fist bump Bedard and his teammates before they hit the ice and from the video footage it looked like Bedard would pull away from the children.


One of the mothers of those children wasn't happy with that and felt it was racist by Bedard. She would post this on social media:

"Well we had quite the evening, kids sure loved it. But here is is my downfall post, I will make a new post with all the pictures of the kids, right here you can clearly see BEDARD raise his arm and stick it's sad because all the kids were so excited to see this guy and he does them all wrong and not even to smile or look friendly at all. These kids cheered so hard for him before he came out and for some of the kids to be disappointed and let down, he goes further down the line and greets other people opposite of our colour our kids, our future hockey players look up to hockey players like this guy and does them like this? I felt for them tbh but that didn't stop them from cheering him on and that goes to show how forgiving and innocent these children are there was absolutely no need for this joke to do that to us aboriginal people. No need at all!"

Here's the video, you can judge for yourself:

Though in light of these recent events, new information has surfaced and it gives us a new perspective on these events. It appears that Bedard has a superstition and that no one is allowed to touch his gloves prior to a game.

It's very well known across the hockey universe that most players have weird superstition, Sidney Crosby still uses a 20-year-old jock. Bedard not letting anyone touch his gloves ain't that weird if you ask me. Perhaps, we should let the 17-year-old alone a little with the racism accusations, he's already proven to be great with the fans on multiple occasions before.
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WATCH | Connor Bedard accused of racism after he dodged kid's hands

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