*WOW* Bettman strikes again with a new attempt to change the game

Published November 29, 2022 at 6:32 PM

The challenge in the last 20 years has been to try and increase the number of goals scored in games.

The era where the Devils play a trap in front Marty Brodeur are long gone, but the speed and strategies have increased at an impossible speed making it harder and harder to score goals.

The most recent rule in that regard, when they reduce the goalie equipment or allowing teams to choose they're preferred side on power play's faceoffs.

Now, here's the brilliant idea that was brought up by Bettman and his team in the most recent GM meetings:

Elliotte Friedman, the popular NHL insider, was the first to break to news in his 32 Thoughts Podcast:

"At last week's GM Meetings, there was a conversation about calling more penalty shots instead of power-plays ó something I totally support. That led to another debate among a few of us: should the team that draws the penalty have the option of going on the power-play or taking a penalty shot? Shooters are 5-for- 11 on penalty shots in 2022-23 after goalies stopped 76 per cent of last year's attempts. There are good variables to weigh. Who's shooting? How good is your power-play? Philadelphia GM Chuck Fletcher had a good line, though, saying: It will be tough to explain to a player if you have a horrible power-play and go that route instead of letting him shoot".

This rule change could immensely affect the game, since the best best power plays in the league usually score below 30% whereas the best penalty shooters like Trevor Zegras per say score at a 62%. It would lead to more goals like this one:

Most recently the NHL adopted the 3-on-3 overtime and since then, a lot of people have been trying to make the overtime sudden death instead of having a skills competition to conclude the game. Let your voices be heard, what are your thought on this?

Credit: House of Hockey
November 29   |   186 answers
*WOW* Bettman strikes again with a new attempt to change the game

Shootouts were adopted in 2005 when Sidney Crosby first entered the league, do you believe it would increase the quality of the show if that rule passed?

No, sudden death 3 on 3 OT keep the PP as they are8043 %
Hell Yeah, Zegras for penalty shot and shootouts105.4 %
Itís fine just the way it is, donít change anythin9651.6 %
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