WOW | Rick Tocchet reveals the reason to his success

Published March 10, 2023 at 7:43 PM

The Vancouver Canucks made a coaching change in late January firing Bruce Boudreau and replacing him with Rick Tocchet.

At the time many questioned the decision especially amongst the Canucks fanbase, but now looking at things to this point it was clearly the right decision as Tocchet has made a huge impact behind the Canucks bench communicating with everyone including his young players being called up from Abbotsford.

After the Canucks latest game Hockey Analyst Jennifer Botterill would ask Tocchet:

"You give concise game-specific comments, and you sound very supportive, how do you decide how much communication is the right amount?"

Tocchet said: Yeah I think I've learned a lot too you know a player knows when he makes a mistake, but obviously if he duplicates it or does it a couple of times then you have to get in his ear. I've learned in the past if a guy made a mistake and you were right in his ear and you know the guys in the panel they played, you guys all played the game. You know you like to let the coach let you kinda get out if you had a bad play right? So I think that you have to be a little bit more positive with these guys, you know we got 4 or 5 guys who came up from Abbotsford right? And I think they're doing a terrific job for us so. They're really trying so you try to have a really positive environment for these guys.

The team has significantly improved since Tocchet took over the reins. The intensity and the culture are two things that really stand out, but the way J.T. Miller has evolved through it all added to how Elias Pettersson has continued his domination, truly displays the extent of Tocchet's work.

While the popular opinion didn't appreciate Tocchet taking over from Boudreau, it's hard to state that the team hasn't improved since he's taking over.
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WOW | Rick Tocchet reveals the reason to his success

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