Who Did It Better? Andrei Kuzmenko vs Jeff Cowan

Published March 7, 2023 at 8:51

Vancouver Canucks forward Andrei Kuzmenko has become a very popular player amongst the Canucks fanbase.

Before the game between the Canucks and visiting Nashville Predators, Kuzmenko had some fun with a fan trading a puck for his favorite snack a Banana.

This than led a Canucks fan to post this hilarious tweet asking:

Who did it better? Kuzmenko with his bananas or Jeff Cowan the Brabarian? #Canucks

Remembering back to when former Canucks forward Jeff Cowan scored and a female Canucks fan threw her bra out to Cowen.

Jeff Cowan - Tik Tok

While some will argue that Cowan likely gain the most, Kuzmenko sure made a young fan rather pleased with the events.
March 7   |   70 answers
Who Did It Better? Andrei Kuzmenko vs Jeff Cowan

Who did it Better Kuzmenko or Cowen?

Kuzmenko6795.7 %
Cowen34.3 %
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