Wild stick-swinging hockey brawl

Published September 17, 2023 at 7:42 PM

The ASHL or Adult safe Hockey league is a cross Canada league aimed at being a fun and inclusive league that helps people learn the game.

Unfortunately, this past Monday an absolutely wild brawl broke out. The video shows players wrestling before multiple players use their sticks as swords. It is a very dangerous scene and both teams are lucky to have avoided serious injury.

The actions by these players were unacceptable and incredibly avoidable. The ASHL has suspended both teams indefinitely and is planning on adding supplementary discipline for each player involved that could include removing them from the league.

The referee at the game, Bruce Tennant, a veteran referee with more than 45 years of experience. Even with his experience, he certainly expect this type of brawl. Tennant says that the players using their sticks in the video were known as a "problem" on both teams by the ASHL.

He continues «There was no concern at all for was a war.»

The ASHL issued a statement that in part said:

"...the violence of the incident is shocking and unacceptable, and we are grateful that there are no reports of injuries at this time. "

They continued
"The safety of our players and staff are paramount to the ASHL. The conduct from participants on both teams in no way aligns with the core values of Canlan Sports and the ASHL..."

The ASHL says they are announcing new prevention measures for both teams to avoid brawls like this happening in the future. The ASHL will be expelling or suspending individuals that crossed the line in the brawl. As well, they will be requiring each player on either team to follow "several conditions" before they can rejoin the league play.

It is hopefully safe to say that players will know the consequences of dirty play in the league. The league will continue to play minus the two teams involved in the maylay.
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Wild stick-swinging hockey brawl

Should each player that swung their stick be automatically expelled from the league?

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