BREAKING: Former NHLPA consultant is suing the NHL for keeping millions of dollars from the players

Published January 12, 2023 at 12:19
A story is currently breaking and it's making its way around the internet. The National Hockey League is being sued by a former National Hockey League Players Association consultant and we're talking about a $100M worth.

It's the TSN investigator Rick Westhead that reported this crazy story. Richard Rodier is the source of the allegations and he's going after the NHLPA alleging that the players' union misused his own confidential information to bolster their own case that NHL teams had underreported their revenue, thereby enabling the league and the union to pay less money to its players.

Westhead reported that the claim was filed on January 6th of the current year. There is no explanation as to why he asked for that much money, but Rodier asked the court to order specific documents:

"Rodier, , has asked the court to order the NHLPA to provide a full accounting of all revenue received, or to be received, from the NHL on or after he sent a memo to the NHLPA on May 11, 2018, about potential situations where teams might be misreporting hockey-related revenue (HRR)."

The lawsuit comes from the fact that Rodier provided confidential information to the NHLPA in a memorandum that was sent in May 2018 which played an instrumental part in the NHLPA pursuing the claim that resulted in more money.

''Rodier has been at odds with the NHLPA for years over his allegations that the union has mishandled its pursuit of NHL teams he says have misreported revenue''

The most recent collective bargaining agreement between the NHL and NHLPA states that players shall receive 50% of the league's overall revenue, known to be HRR. Per Rodier's beliefs, the union executive director, Donald Fehr, has not informed the players about many cases where the teams were misreporting their financial reports.

The NHLPA has not yet given a public statement regarding that matter, though they've stated in an email they sent to TSN that they were well aware of the claims and responded as goes:

''It is wholly without merit, and we will fully defend the matter''

Rodier specializes in scrutinizing income statements and balance sheets, he worked for the NHLPA from 2011 to 2015 but kept consulting on occasions after he was let go. Rodier and Fehr developed a heated relationship which has led to many different conversations over the years and it'll definitely be interesting to see where that story goes and how it unfolds.


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