WOW | John Scott makes ruthless comments and calls out both Gary Bettman and the Arizona Coyotes

Published March 2, 2023 at 5:12 PM
John Scott was one of the last enforcers to play in the NHL and even though he's taken parts in almost 300 games, he'll always be remembered as the enforcer that captained a team in the All-Star Game even though he had no business there «skill-wise».

Scott last skated in the NHL in the 2015-2016 campaign and since then he's developed a passion for emitting critic of different organizations and situations happening in the NHL. Today he made a concerning tweet directly attacking the NHL and the Arizona Coyotes (an organization in which he spent a grand total of 11 games).

Scott stated that both the Coyotes and the league are a joke. The NHL issued a memo earlier this week in regards to the way the teams were going to use the LTIR to «avoid» situations like the Lightning had done with Nikita Kucherov a few years back. Though Scott believes it is an absolute joke that the Coyotes can acquire big cap hits and have them count against the cap in order to spend less money and have a lesser capable team on the ice. Here's his statement in full:

«The Coyotes are such a joke, Bettman is worried about teams using LTIR to spend more money but he is ok with them using LTIR to not spend anything and ice an AHL team in a college arena. They now have almost 30 million in LTIR dead money, they only pay their players 43 million!»

It's definitely hard to argue with a point like this one. The Coyotes are purposely putting on a disaster on the ice and can't even fill a College Arena. It's definitely not looking at the team or the league.

During this time, lots of CHL Canadian markets have no issues filling up arenas, but it looks like someone has a preference elsewhere.
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