Cory Schneider opens up on his relationship with Roberto Luongo

Published September 28, 2023 at 8:22 PM

The recently retired former Canuck, Cory Schneider, went on a few different podcasts today where he discussed his former teammate, Roberto Luongo.

Schneider appeared on "Donnie and Dhali," where he was asked what memories stick out in his time with Luongo and the Canucks.

Schneider said, "It's been well documented that we...never...didn't get along...I think it wasn't us...poking at each other or complaining or whining..."

Schneider continued, "...It's. a good situation to be was a big story, I think we both understood that...we just tried to go out there and push each other..."

The Schnieder-Luongo tandem went on for several seasons, and the media alluded to them disliking each other. The goalie tandem even poked fun at that in a TSN feature with James Duthie.

Schneider also appeared on another podcast, "Sekeres and Price," where he was asked if he felt Luongo deserved to have his jersey retired by the Canucks.

Schneider says, "...I'm the biggest Roberto supporter in the world; I can't speak highly enough of him...I think his number should be retired..."

Schneider continued, "...It wasn't like he had three good years and four bad years, he had 7 or 8 excellent years there..."


Luongo and Schneider were teammates for about five years. Schneider was then moved to New Jersey. Even after Schneider's departure, The former teammates spoke highly of one another,, which did not change today.
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Cory Schneider opens up on his relationship with Roberto Luongo

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