LATEST | Canucks confirm new addition the team: Make big mistake in their announcement

Published September 7, 2023 at 9:26

The Vancouver Canucks have announced a new hiring for their off-ice leadership team. On Wednesday, Canucks Sports and Entertainment have hired Loring Phinney as Vice President of Communications and Community.

"Canucks Sports and Entertainment are pleased to announce the arrival of Loring Phinney as Vice President, Communications and Community.

Leading both the communications and community engagement teams, Loring will work collaboratively with the Senior Leadership Team to enhance how we communicate with our internal and external stakeholders while reinforcing the significant role we play as part of our broader community. Loring will report to Michael Doyle, President, Canucks Sports & Entertainment, Business Operations."

But in the email sent to members of the media, a huge component of their 'communications', they made a big mistake.

In the headline of the email, it reads: 'Canucks Sports & Entertainment announce new member of Senior Leadership Team Edit name', as they forgot to insert Phinney's name.

It's always important to proof read any form of communication before sending it out en masse, whether that be through email, text message or even an article.

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