LATEST | Insider confirms two players are on the Canucks' block: Drops bombshell on Tyler Myers

Published September 14, 2023 at 4:34 PM

Patrik Allvin and the Canucks have been extremely busy over the summer. One topic that's been generating lots of conversations, is Tyler Myers' $5M bonus. Rick Dhaliwal was on air today and dropped a bombshell in that regard.

It was confirmed that his bonus was going to be paid tomorrow. The current belief was that Myers would be shipped as soon as that deposit came through, but Dhaliwal immediately shut the door on that theory. It did make a really interesting statement confirming the two players Patrik Allvin had been trying to move:

‘'They've been trying for over a year to trade him and Garland. They can't do it because teams want sweeteners''

He even added that there was a possibility that the new coaching staff in place would even want to take their shot and try and work with the tall-format Defenseman, here's the full clip:

The Canucks are currently in a tough spot salary cap wise. While it's been confirmed that Tucker Poolman would be starting the season on the long-term injury reserve, the same can't be said of Tanner Pearson who seems to be in great shape.

However, the current cap makes it so that no teams is currently way under cap. The initial thought was that, once his bonus was up, he'd be easy to trade but it's all the contrary:

‘'Bonus paid or not, there's not many teams in the NHL that have the room to add Tyler Myers' $6 million cap hit right now. I'd be shocked if the #Canucks trade him before the season.''

The Canucks may have to keep him until the deadline and retain parts of his salary to move him, or perhaps he'll end up being usefull as a bottom-pairing defenceman if the Canucks are chasing a playoff berth. Either way, is contract will be off the Canucks' book by the end of the season.

One thing is sure, the Canucks needs a solution to fix their cap issues and we're all eager to see how it's going to be fixed.
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LATEST | Insider confirms two players are on the Canucks' block: Drops bombshell on Tyler Myers

What would your strategy be with Myers?

Move Him now, whatever the costs, play a youngster25649.2 %
Keep him and retain at the deadline15229.2 %
Keep him until the end of the season11221.5 %
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