Video reveals Tocchet implementing his culture in the Canucks' coaching staff

Published September 14, 2023 at 1:24 PM

The Vancouver Canucks posted a video to Twitter (X) today. Canucks head coach, Rick Tocchet speaks to his staff about the upcoming season.

Tocchet says

"I've been involved with hockey for many years, and this is a strong staff. <...> Make sure you guys. If you have something to say or there are ideas, don't be afraid to bring them. I want to be challenged..."

The Canucks have made several coaching acquisitions in the last few seasons, boasting a solid roster of former NHL players to help bolster their coaching and development staff.

Their player development staff consists of the Sedin Twins, Mikael Samuelsson, Mike Komisarek, Sergei Gonchar and Chris Higgins, all of whom had prosperous NHL careers. It is clear that the Canucks are making a conscious effort to ensure their prospects and roster players are developing in the right way.


With all those former players around the organization, it is very positive to see Tocchet encourage his staff to talk to him, to "challenge" him so that the Canucks can be the best moving forward.

Tocchet says that the Canucks must "...Meet pressure with pressure..."
A saying we have heard the coach say a few times. He wants the team to be prepared and ready to go. The more prepared the team is, the better they handle pressure.


Canucks season is around the corner. It will be nice to know that Tocchet will take his staff's ideas to better the Vancouver Canucks. We will see how this helps the Canucks in this next season.
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Video reveals Tocchet implementing his culture in the Canucks' coaching staff

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