LATEST | Thatcher Demko stays true to his city: Denies Bruins' goaltender in fraternization attempt

Published February 4, 2024 at 8:50 PM
The Canucks' netminder Thatcher Demko was one of the few masked men who were given the opportunity to showcase their skills at the NHL All-Star Week-end. Goalies are known for their special habits and fraternizing communities.

The Bruins' netminder was especially friendly to goalies during the event, but Thatcher Demko wanted nothing to do with it and the occurence was caught on camera. Demko's actions went wild on social media and his many fans have been applauding him for it:

The Vancouver fanbase is filled with hatred for the Bruins and despite being an American who played his collegiate years at Boston College, Demko showed his commitment to his city and fans.

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