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LATEST | The Canucks' top line identified: They've definitely been a suprise

Published December 16, 2023 at 4:41 PM
Rick Tocchet has been trying different mixes in hopes of finding a lineup that would be take him and the Canucks to the playoffs. The team's recent performances have been the emergence of, not only an excellent third line for the Canucks, but possibly one of the best in the entire league.


Despite being involved in every trade rumour the Canucks were named in, Conor Garland has been showing it to work this season. The feisty winger has been driving a very interesting mix of intensity, grind, speed and tenacity.

The trio found the back of the net once more during their Saturday early afternoon tilt in Minnessota and it was a clear demonstration of this trio's identity:

Dakota Joshua addressed the dynamic he has developed with Garland and it explains in parts their success:

'Oh man, he's such a good support guy. He's always close to the action, whether or not it comes off clean every time. For his size. He's very disruptive,»

One constant between every team that's won the Stanley Cup or even made deep playoffs run; is that they all had very proactive third line who were involved and productive in the offensive zone.

The Golden Knights iced a line made out Reilly Smith, William Karlsson and Michael Amadio. Big, efficient and played with an elevated pace.

The Canucks are continuously improving and to see them developing what could be one of the league's best bottom is an indication that they are in it for the big picture.
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LATEST | The Canucks' top line identified: They've definitely been a suprise

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