MAJOR | Frank Seravalli just revealed why Elias Pettersson hasn't re-signed: It's not looking good on the Canucks

Published September 25, 2023 at 8:45 PM

It caused a stir in Vancouver when Elias Pettersson suddenly revealed he wouldn't talk until after the season. The common belief in town, and per Patrik Allvin's sayings, was that talks would take place over the summer with hopes of inking an extension before training camp started.


It seems like no progress has been made, and even though Pettersson himself stated that there was no story there and that nobody should be stressed about this situation, the fans are definitely at the edge of their seats, especially after seeing how things went with other RFAs like Matthew Tkachuk and Pier-Luc Dubois.

Frank Seravalli took the mic, joined the Sekeres and Price show, and dropped a massive piece of information on the subject. Per his saying, the Canucks aren't willing to put enough money on the table for the Swede to sign long-term:

"I don't think he's going anywhere... the reason he's not signed is that he believes he's a 102-110 point player every year...he wants to be paid like that...#Canucks didn't put that $ on the table"

Pettersson was outstanding last year when he managed a career-high 102 points; now, the superstar centerman wishes to be paid accordingly. As one of the league's top two-way centerman and offensive producers, his estimated value could be between $ 12M-$13M yearly, according to a recent analysis made by the Athletic.


This seems like deja vue, going back a year, when the Canucks tried to low-balled their then-captain Bo Horvat to an offer below $5M after he had scored 31 goals.

Auston Matthews just inked a 5-year deal carrying a $13.5M cap hit. With that in mind, it's hard to think that Pettersson's market value is below $10M, especially when a critical salary cap raise is coming.

At some point, it'd be nice to think that management learned from their previous mistakes. Yet, nothing points in that direction.
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MAJOR | Frank Seravalli just revealed why Elias Pettersson hasn't re-signed: It's not looking good on the Canucks

How much is Pettersson really worth?

$12M +17526.5 %
$10.5M - $11.9M37156.1 %
Below $10.5M11517.4 %
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