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MAJOR | NHL announces multi-million dollar sponsorship sparking controversy

Published December 19, 2023 at 6:02 PM
The NHL's commissioner once again revealed a controversial new sponsorship worth millions of dollars. Gary Bettman has again found himself under fire among the league's fans.

As everyone's noticed over the last few years, betting apps have been making their way into sports. Analysts have mentioned betting odds during their commentary and ads on the boards, TV, and players' equipment. Bettman and the NHL have now agreed to let betting apps take a more significant role in our sports.

The league and BetMGM have agreed to a monstrous sponsorship deal:

"Our partnership extension with the NHL is a winner. It enables us to enhance the BetMGM product and offer our fans unforgettable experiences built around the game they love,"

said BetMGM CEO Adam Greenblatt.

"The NHL is more thrilling than ever a symphony of athleticism, teamwork, and skill on skates. We look forward to bringing our customers exceptional live experiences and delighting with new in-app content for BetMGM."

The NHL was criticized and called out for permitting teams to put betting apps on their uniforms after a player received a hefty 41-game suspension for ''betting''.

Many have considered this deal to be a massive mistake from the NHL. Do you feel like betting apps should be given more visibility?
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MAJOR | NHL announces multi-million dollar sponsorship sparking controversy

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