Rick Tocchet and Phil Kessel
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LATEST | Important update regarding Phil Kessel and the Canucks

Published February 12, 2024 at 8:27 PM
It's common knowledge that the Canucks management is looking at every possible way of improving their current line-up. With various opinions on where this team needs help, one link between the team's scoring, Rick Tocchet and the three-time Stanley Cup Winner, Phil Kessel, is constantly being brought up.


Multiple sources have made it clear that the idea of adding the veteran to the Canucks' core had been discussed. When asked about a possible addition of Kessel, Tocchet was clear and stated there was value in adding the former thirty-goal scorer.

On Canucks Central, Satiar Shah gave an essential update on the possible signing and revealed that there was nothing imminent between the two parties, despite the increased speculation:

''Sat: My understanding is there's nothing imminent with the Canucks adding Kessel.

Mentioned it's not a front-burner issue, and they could get back to it later.''

Elliotte Friedman added later on that the Canucks weren't the only team considering the addition of the sniper Phil Kessel.

The way it's looking, it seems that the Canucks are keeping Kessel as a last-resort option. If they can't find a way to make a valuable addition through the trade market, Allvin and Rutherford could wait until the last minute to add the Iron Man himself.

There is no indication that Kessel is in good enough shape to still play at the NHL level. However, there shouldn't be any doubt regarding his ability to be a good veteran and score goals, even when the stakes are their highest.
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LATEST | Important update regarding Phil Kessel and the Canucks

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