LATEST | Insider delivers a concerning update on Filip Hronek and the absence of contract negotiations

Felip Gosselin
March 21, 2024  (6:25 PM)

Filip Hronek in Dallas
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The Filip Hronek contract is the next significant extension for Patrik Allvin and Jim Rutherford. The Canucks first right-handed Defenseman will be up for a massive extension as he's set to be a restricted free agent by the end of the season.

Currently, on a career year by Quinn Hughes' side, Hronek played a crucial part in the team's success. There's been lots of talks among insiders all season in regards to how much the Czech could be asking for, and everything points to an essential discord between the Canucks and Hronek's agents.
Frank Seravalli was on Canucks Conversation earlier and once repeated that Hronek's next deal would have an annual cap hit of, at the very least, $8M. Whether it was in Vancouver or somewhere else. It's been confirmed by Allvin that the Canucks had already submitted an offer, but it was turned down rather quickly by Hronek's party. Since then, the conversation has been non-existent:
"I told you guys all along, and I've consistently said that Hronek's next deal will start with an 8. I don't know if it will be in Van, but it'll start with an 8. I don't think anything is happening right now; I don't think there's been any negotiating."

Lots of sources around the Canucks have referred to Quinn Hughes' AAV ($7.85M) as the Canucks' limits, but Seravalli added that Hronek viewed this as nonsense. With Hronek only a year away from full autonomy on the free agency market, Seravalli is convinced that there is no existent correlation between both contracts, mainly due to the age at which they were signed:
‘'Any speculation about Hronek getting in line behind Hughes on the salary cap is also pure nonsense. Pure nonsense!

Seravalli points out how Hughes's deal included several RFA years while Hronek's will consist of only 1.''

The two-way Defenseman turned out to be exactly what the Canucks needed. Reliable and excellent in transition, finding a better match for Hughes would have been hard. He's already amassed a career-high 45 points in 69 games, pacing for 54. As a comparison, Mikhaïl Sergachev signed a contract worth $68M for eight years while playing a similar role. Should the Canucks open up to the possibility of paying Hronek more?
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LATEST | Insider delivers a concerning update on Filip Hronek and the absence of contract negotiations

Should the Canucks be open to the idea of giving more money to Hronek then they have to Hughes?

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Depends on the contract's length19318.7 %
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