Vegas Golden Knights facing heat after questionable decision

Published August 27, 2023 at 8:53 PM

The Vegas Golden Knights claimed the victory of the Stanley Cup in 2023.

Every element appeared to align perfectly this season, spanning from the coaching staff to the precise composition of players. Thus, it came as no surprise that this achievement was significantly emphasized.

It goes without saying that many still believe that the Oilers should've prevailed. In a 4 to 1 game triumph for the season, the Vegas Golden Knights secured the Stanley Cup, showcasing an extra touch of panache at their center ice.

''Here's the 2023-24 center circle design for the Stanley Cup Champion Vegas Golden Knights.

Can't beat that reference.''

A depiction inspired by the Stanley Cup itself was intricately painted onto the center ice, commemorating the team's spectacular Stanley Cup conquest. Many Edmonton fans have shown their anger and depictions of the team via different social platforms.

Nevertheless, the Vegas Golden Knights do not seem to exhibit much in the way of modesty.

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Vegas Golden Knights facing heat after questionable decision

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