Bobby Lu buries a beauty from the slot.

Published November 14, 2022 at 11:11

You can't stop Roberto Luongo when he decides to strap on the skates & play forward, you can only hope to contain him.

The legends game went down yesterday in Toronto, a day in front of the proceedings today that will immortalize the Twins & Luongo in Hockey lore, alongside Daniel Alfredsson, Herb Carnegie & Riikka Sallinen.

During these games players play out of their natural position & have a little fun, which is exactly what happened yesterday with Luongo. Now let us bask in the dangle here, it is just nasty.

He wasn't done there, as he took his talents to the shootout & made this forehand-backhand move look easy. Ryan Kesler-esque even.

How much fun has he become since blowing his personality up on Twitter? He dropped this jewel the day Kevin Bieksa signed his one day deal to retire a Canuck, replying to the official Canucks Twitter account.

I know he clearly didn't play forward in Vancouver, instead he showed us some of the most impressive performances in recent memory with a 76 save Playoff performance, staggering shutout runs & (infamously) wearing the Captain's C in between the pipes.

Bobby Lu was truly one of the best to do it, how lucky were we to watch him get busy 41 times a year on Griffith's Way?! Congratulations Roberto, well deserved honour.
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