The death March has begun.

Published November 13, 2022 at 7:24 PM

It couldn't be said any better than @TheStanchion on Twitter put it on Sunday night.

We are among the last days of this team in the current iteration we see it.

I've been a follower of this Franchise for 29 years, from cup run to cup run, never tasting victory but never really feeling like we were irrelevant either.

The Vancouver Canucks are irrelevant everywhere in the Hockey World BUT Vancouver right now.


Contrarily, inside the 604, 250 & 778 Area Codes, they are the hot topic & not for good reason.

An owner with a reputation that can only be rivalled by that of a public villain, a team that can't win, a coach that can't get on the ice & change the outcome while our management team watches this Titanic experiment, sink.

Where does it end?
November 13   |   298 answers
The death March has begun.

How many more games does Bruce Boudreau last?

3 Games8026.8 %
10 Games4816.1 %
25 Games217 %
He coaches all 82 Games14950 %
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