Boeser to Minnessota? A Puzzle that has yet to unfold

Felip Gosselin
January 11, 2023  (9:47)

Ever since the hockey fights cancer night and the announcement that his agent was granted the right to talk to other teams. Brock Boeser has been linked to numerous and it appeared that the most likely destination for the Burnsville, MN. native was the wild. Though there's still a contractual puzzle in that conversation.

From the information that was advanced there's is mutual interest from both Bill Guerin (Wild's GM) and the Boeser clan, but the fact that there are 2 more years with $6.65M restrains the Wild's GM dealing with a tight cap. Minnesota is still paying the penalties for the Ryan Suter and Zach Parise buy-out, making it harder for them to fit that much money into their current line-up structure. They currently have $3.7M in cap space, but a young forward named Matthew Boldy needs will be an RFA when the current season ends. On the other end, the Canucks have already indicated that they weren't willing to retain part of his salary.
The solution seemed to be trading for Matt Dumba, which would also solve issues for the Canucks, but since they are in the playoff portrait it seemed that trading Dumba, without a proper replacement was out of the question. The Wild have been on fire since they acquired Ryan Reaves and they're not looking to disrupt the chemistry in the looking room.
''Word is that teams keep poking around on Brock Boeser and are exploring it in a more realistic manner. ..., but teams are giving it more thought and trying to see how they could make it work''

Lebrun also reported that there's been interest from many different teams since Boeser has a potentially low acquiring cost, though he believes that nothing is imminent since every team with a playoff potential needs to figure out a way to make it work cap-wise. Boeser being only 26 years old and a proven sharpshooter obviously has the potential to be a steal if he were to bloom within his new environment.
Although Boeser's performances have not been up to what was expected of him, he's still putting up good offensive numbers he currently has 24 points in 32 games, which would add up to 62 over the course of a full season. Who will be the team to take a chance on him?

SOURCE: The Athletic
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Boeser to Minnessota? A Puzzle that has yet to unfold

Will the Canucks figure out a way to unload Boeser somewhere else this year?

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