Insider Suggests Thatcher Demko Could Be Heading To Another Canadian Team

Published February 8, 2023 at 8:17 PM

To say the Vancouver Canucks organization is a mess right now would be an understatement. After fans criticized Forward J.T. Miller for his numerous temper tantrums, then trading away their captain Bo Horvat, along with the rumors Jim Rutherford wanting out and the management investigating a mole. It's understandable why players may want out of Vancouver.

This includes the recent reports that Canucks goaltender Thatcher Demko is looking to possibly be moved. Demko skated yesterday as he's recovering from injury and despite being called one of the elite goalies in the NHL, Demko has had a difficult season statistics-wise. That is also due to the poor performance the Canucks have played in front of Demko which hasn't helped matters.

However, with the NHL trade deadline looming Toronto-based hockey insider Nick Kypreos has suggested something very interesting. Kypreos believes that Maple Leafs General Manager Kyle Dubas could possibly be looking to acquire Demko ahead of the deadline, if he feels Demko could give the Leafs a better chance of winning than Ilya Samsonov and Matt Murray.


Not gonna lie, if I was Kyle Dubas, I'd honestly take Demko over Matt Murray any day of the week, and if Demko gets his swagger back could even be better than Ilya Samsonov.

Credit:NHL Trade Rumors
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Insider Suggests Thatcher Demko Could Be Heading To Another Canadian Team

Demko To The Maple Leafs?

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