J.T. Miller Speaks Out and reveals the secret to the Canucks' success under Tocchet

Published March 14, 2023 at 1:57 PM

The Canucks have taken a positive route since Rick Tocchet has taken over the team's coaching, not only are the players conducting their business in a completely different manner, but the atmosphere is completely different too.

The Canucks' star forward J.T. Miller was interviewed today and gave his thoughts on a big change that occurred since Tocchet took over the team's coaching. Nobody was blind to the negative energy that surrounded the team earlier in the season and Miller pointed out exactly what changed in the team's surroundings:

«This wasn't too fun of a place to be in the beginning & mid-part of the year. It was a bit of a shit showit really was. A lot of distraction. I think we've moved on, we understand who we're going to be moving forward. It's fun to come to the rink again.»

Miller himself has shone under a new light as he seems to have found his way back to the performances he had been giving last year when he had a career-high 99 points. Not only did Miller mention that the environment was better, but he also added that the group was developing good habits and learning to be held accountable, which was presumably one of the reasons they wanted to bring Tocchet in:

''It's about enjoying the process of getting better as a group and having good habits, being accountable. The results are showing.'' 

Even though the team will not be in playoff contention moving forward, how would you grade Tocchet's work since he and his staff got in?
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J.T. Miller Speaks Out and reveals the secret to the Canucks' success under Tocchet

How would you grade Tocchet since he took over?

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