LATEST | Analyst is furious with the Canucks' recent trade and absolutely scorched them on Donnie and Dhali

Published March 2, 2023 at 8:35 PM

The Canucks announced earlier this season that they'd be retooling and therefore taking a step back in their process to take two in the future. Per their announcement, it leads us to believe that the time to take two steps forward has arrived since they've announced the acquisition of Filip Hronek for a 1st and a 2nd in the upcoming draft.

Don't get me wrong, the Canucks had a desperate need to acquire a capable right-handed defenseman and they caught everyone by surprise with this move, especially since they were expected to sell heading into this year's deadline to load up on assets.

Thomas Drance, an NHL analyst notably covering the Canucks on the Athletic, although he believes Filip Hronek is a good two-way defenseman and a great acquisition at this price. He's categoric in his beliefs that in no way should the Canucks consider moving two picks in the next draft's top-40 selections.

''The Vancouver Canucks have more cap space committed for next season than the Tampa Bay Lightning, tell me how that makes sense? ..., This team is 27th in the NHL by point percentage, There's no reason that a team in this spot should be selling futures and committing cap space like this.

Filip Hronek is a great defenseman that will surely fit in nicely in a core built of Quinn Hughes and Ethan Bear, but the Canucks have definitely paid too big of a price for their means and it may be costly in the end.

Drance thought that, once again, Steve Yzerman played his cards like a master even though they sold high-valued and young players in the midst of a playoff race. Drance stated that it was clear that the Wings were in the business of winning the Stanley Cup and not in the business of being playoff pretendants.

Like he stated while on the show, what business are the Canucks in?
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LATEST | Analyst is furious with the Canucks' recent trade and absolutely scorched them on Donnie and Dhali

Are the Canucks really in it for the long game?

No, they want to make the playoff next year is all6523.6 %
Yes, they want to build a better core6222.5 %
Nobody knows what they're doing14853.8 %
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