LATEST | Boeser reveals his plan to find his true self back

Published March 13, 2023 at 8:08 PM

Brock Boeser has been on a roller coaster of emotions over the last year and no sane human would've been any different. From the passing of his father to a hand injury, and multiple rumors. He's had a lot to deal with mentally.

Ben Kuzma, a journalist from The Province, had a Q&A with the Canucks' forward and it seems like he's committed himself to a plan to find his true self back. Boeser admitted he had been struggling with a ton of outside noise and that it had been directly affecting his game.

''..., some mental stuff that I'm still working through on a personal level, I have a guy outside our team that I've been working with kind of a life (coach) guy. With the things, I've gone through, and last year while still trying to play, it was really hard. From that aspect, I'm just trying to get back to my true self and being the hockey player I was before.''

Boeser knows he's been out of touch with the player he was in the early stages of his career and he knows he needs that confidence, that ''swagger'', as he'd say it. Bo Horvat and Luke Schenn also opened up on the work they'd been doing with an outside consultant and it had worked wonders for them. Boeser has adopted that same plan.

Tocchet also gave his thoughts on the current subject, he's only been with the club a few weeks now, but he'll definitely have his say when it comes to the final decision, and here are the words he shared on it:

'' He's an interesting guy because I think there's more, there's another level, and it's my job to get it out of him..., I'd really like to get involved in his training. If we can get him to another level, it's going to be huge for the Canucks''

The Nucks' head coach has made it his personal mission to help Boeser get back on track and find his way to the player he was when he registered 49 points in 56 games just two years ago.

Horvat and Schenn have both redefined their abilities to play the game when they adopted that same strategy and the Canucks could really use the point-per-game Boeser in their ''retool'', can he and Tocchet pull it off?

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LATEST | Boeser reveals his plan to find his true self back

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