LATEST | Kane comes to defence of young Oilers fan with cancer who was harassed by Kings fans

Published April 25, 2023 at 10:11

A disturbing and frankly disgusting act happened in Los Angeles on Friday night as the Oilers took on the Kings in Game 3.

During the game, a young Oilers fan by the name Cecily, who's dealing with cancer, was harassed and spit on by Kings fans, according to Edmonton forward Evander Kane.

Kane has formed a special bond with Cecily and her mother, who were recently featured in a segment on Hockey Night in Canada over the weekend where the Oilers forward has opened the door to the pair to help with travel for her cancer treatments.

"My dear friend @simply_cecily_rose got to go an amazing trip to LA last week that created some incredibly fun memories. But some of her experience in LA specifically at Game 3 of the game was not. I'm disgusted and appalled at what happened to this amazing little girl in the stands and in a women's restroom where she was harassed for wearing her jersey and was spit on by a LA fan for doing so. This type of behavior is gross and completely unacceptable. For any young girl especially battling cancer to be treated in such a manner is pathetic. Grow up and as this smart young lady always says BE KIND." Kane said in an Instagram story.

Spitting on someone is one of the most disgusting and disrespectful things you can do and to see this done to someone like Cecily, who's only 10-years-old and dealing with a rough time in her life, is atrocious.

The staff and security at Arena in Los Angeles need to review any video footage they have and ban these fans from attending any future games for a very long time.

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LATEST | Kane comes to defence of young Oilers fan with cancer who was harassed by Kings fans

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