LATEST | Major turnaround at the draft: Connor Bedard may not be the Blackhawks' top pick

Published May 18, 2023 at 6:03 PM

For some time now there had been no doubts about the potential number one pick of the upcoming draft, Connor Bedard was the name on everyone's lips. Earlier in May, the Chicago Blackhawks won the lottery awarding them the 1st Overall Pick and the latest report suggests that they are not done yet determining their selection.

Scott Powers of the Athletic had a sit down with the Hawks' scouting director Mike Doneghey. While many teams are looking down on Matvei Michkov due to his contractual status in the KHL and the ongoing conflict in Russia. However, he's still very much in contention for the Hawks and that's where it comes into play:

‘'Coming out of Dallas two years ago, up until this year with the political climate and then the passing of his father and not being able to get into Russia so most views are on video, it was a Bedard-Michkov race. He's an extremely high-end talent. And so, I think all the way through it's an ownership decision, whatever the team may be.''

Doneghey shared some of the knowledge he's obtained over the conversation he's had with the Russian and he's obviously not out of this race yet:

''But in defense of Matvei, the little that I have talked to him, he's got the competitive personality where I think he wants to get over here as soon as he can to prove to people that he should have been in this race all along.''

Not so long ago, it seemed clear that Bedard was going to be the number one selection of this upcoming draft, but the Hawks' scouting director doesn't call it a done deal yet. If the Hawks were to pass on Bedard, I'm sure the Ducks wouldn't complain.

On our end, we strongly believe it would be a mistake to pass on a talented player like Connor Bedard. Although, if he feels like it, he's still got time to pull a Lindros.
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LATEST | Major turnaround at the draft: Connor Bedard may not be the Blackhawks' top pick

Should there be any doubts about Connor Bedard being the best prospect?

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